Wholesale - Organic or Wildcrafted Dried Elderberries  
Contact: info@purifylife.com
Subject: Wholesale Elderberry

European Whole Dried Elderberry

We provide a distribution service of our European elderberries to wholesalers around USA and Canada. 
Our clients are small to medium sized businesses, coast to coast, that utilize our elderberries either as an ingredient application or direct retail of the berries. 
Each client receives their shipments directly to their location of choice, without having to deal with the headache of packing, imports, customs, tariffs, logistics, and paperwork.
We pack our berries into your choice of 1lb, 25lb, or 50lb bags.  Other options are available upon request.
Our pricing includes packaging, logistics, door to door delivery, and customer support around the clock.
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Contact: info@purifylife.com
Subject: Wholesale Elderberry
MOQ: 500lb
Origin: European - Ukraine 
Strain: Sambucus Nigra L
Certification: USDA NOP
Order Capability: 500lb - 100,000lb
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USDA Certified - Organic Dried Elderberries